Arboricultural Jobs in Many New Zealand Industries

Most people only think of landscaping when they think of the jobs available to an Arborist. The truth is that an arborist auckland will find job vacancies in many industries. The demand is great, so it is an ideal time to explore the qualifications, training, and classes required to become certified on several levels. Some people who can complete minor services, such as trimming hedges, do not need to be certified. There are more opportunities for those who achieve certification, specialize in a certain area, or gain years of experience.


There are many trained arborists found in the landscaping industry. This is important because tasks like trimming or pruning trees, diagnosing and treating diseases or pests, and proper tree removal north shore are complicated activities. The purpose of pruning, for example, is not to thin out branches solely for aesthetics. Cuts must be made in strategic places so the tree can grow full and healthy. Stump removal needs to be done properly to avoid roots continuing to grow into pipes and cause damage.

Utility Companies

An arborist north shore can be hired by any number of utility companies as a consultant or on a full-time basis. Trees branches can interfere with overhead wires and need to be cut. Roots can hinder upgrading the drainage systems for waste water. Gas lines, electrical poles, and cellular towers are all also effected by the location, growth, and planting of trees.


Working for local authorities is another opportunity for arborists. Tree maintenance on public land, inspections, conservation projects, and overall management positions require trained arborists. These are often salaried jobs with benefits and possibilities for upward mobility. Vacant positions are waiting for qualified candidates to apply.

Discover How

People not sure if the interest is strong enough for a career can find a job at a flower shop, home improvement store, or landscaping business as an entry-level worker. A love of trees and plants can lead to rewarding job opportunities in several industries for those with the education and the experience. Explore all the specialties, industries, and opportunities available by checking out the website for the New Zealand Arboricultural Association Inc (NZARB). Members can search for jobs, leave a CV, and get contact information for companies with openings.

Commercial members can post vacancies, announce events, share successes regarding arboricultural aspects of the business, and introduce new employees. Any conferences, workshops, training, new projects that require consultants can also be posted on the site.


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